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SCULPTURED STORIES are small sculptures with an idea or story to express.​

These stories may come from a dream, a joke, a quote or a suggestion from someone. I lean toward the humorous or absurd (there being little distinction to me). Then comes the enjoyably creative parts. Firstly, looking over piles of nik-naks, recycled plumbing parts, old electrical parts and rusty steel. Anything that can be put together to give the story a physical form. These are then welded, brazed, soldered or epoxied together. Finally, if deserving they are given a small heart. "It's alive..It's alive!!" As the Tin Man said, "I once had brains and a heart. Having tried them both, I should much rather have a heart".

My pieces aren't created primarily with the intent to sell. They're made for the satisfaction recieved in the creating and in the smiles I may get from others in viewing them. Some are destined for exhibition at stores and shows. Alas, after accumulating 12 to 15 of the pieces, there is a need to recoup some of the expenses incurred. Then they are sold primarily at art and craft shows.

Thanks for having visited this site. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to purchase a piece or possibly commission one similar to those in the gallery, please contact me using the Contact page. I'd also like to hear any comments you may have.


Bob Fisher 

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